Track My Development: Toddlers 15-18 months

 I am sure you now have a better appreciation for the term “baby proofing” as your toddler wants to get his hands on everything and anything! This is also a great time to watch out for ways that your toddler is communicating with you. There’s a lot he’s trying to say and he can understand simple commands as well!


  • I’m not only walking but running and trying to climb different things.
  • I’m moving around so much I might even get into areas I shouldn’t be exploring.
  • I can hold a big crayon by now.

Sensory – Cognitive

  • I like to do things over and over again, mom. I might drive you crazy by wanting to read the same book time and time again. But that’s okay; it’s how my brain is making connections.

Communication & Speech Development:

  • By 18 months I can say up to 20 words.
  • I try communicating with you through my facial gestures and saying a few words.
  • I am able to follow simple directions like “go get your shoes.”
  • love reading books— it’s how I build my vocabulary.
  • I can tell you when my diaper needs changing.

Social-Emotional (Play):

  • I want to do a lot of things on my own, but I still need you to be my safe base.
  • I may comfort other children if I see them crying. My ability to develop empathy is very important to my social/emotional development.
  • Tantrums at this stage are normal. Remember I need lots of help with this! (insert hyperlink on tantrums)

Mom, here’s what you can do for me when I’m between 15-18 months:

  • Engage me in lots of sensory activities so I can use my fingers and hands to explore.
  • Read and sing with me. (Reading books about feelings is also recommended at this stage. Also, label feelings often. For example: “Your brother is feeling sad because his toy broke.” Also encourage empathy: “Let’s go get your brother a book so we can read it together.”)
  • Let me repeat activities; I’m still learning how things work.
  • Allow me to try new things.
  • Comfort me when I’m sad or upset.
  • Let me help you with simple chores.
  • Remember to turn off the TV and talk and sing with me. I can learn so many new words and ideas from you.
  • Make time for me to run around outside on safe ground.

Act early:

Talk to my doctor if by 18 months, if I:

  • Do not copy others.
  • Lost a skill I once had.
  • Do not seem to know the function of familiar things (spoon, telephone) by 15 months.
  • Cannot walk or walks exclusively on toes by 18 months.
  • Do not say about fifteen words by 18 months.


Source: 360Moms

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