Track My Development: Preschoolers 4-5 Years

The “magical years” continue and that means your pre-schooler loves to sing, dance and act! They are also much more verbal and enjoy storytelling. 

Don’t worry if your child is also preoccupied with issues pertaining to sexuality during these years, that’s a normal part of development.

Physical/Motor Development

  • I can hop, somersault, swing and climb.
  • I can draw a person with a body.
  • I print some letters.
  • I dress and undress without assistance.
  • I use a fork, spoon and (sometimes) a table knife.
  • I usually can take care of my own toilet needs.
  • I copy geometric shapes.


Sensory-cognitive can count 10 or more objects.

  • I can correctly name at least four colors.
  • I better understand the concept of time at this point.
  • I know about things used every day at home (like money, food, appliances).
  • I better understand that make-believe (and other thought processes) are representational activities.


Communication & Speech Development:

  • I can recall parts of a story.
  • I construct sentences of more than five words.
  • I use future tense.
  • I tell longer stories.
  • I know my name and address.


Social-Emotional (Play):

  • I want to please friends and want to be like friends.
  • I like to sing, dance and act.
  • I sometimes can be demanding and other times I can be eagerly cooperative.
  • I am aware of sexuality (i.e. genitalia).
  • I am able to distinguish fantasy from reality.
  • I may appear to be “bossy” at this age!
  • I enjoy helping you out with household chores. Remember to engage me in age-appropriate tasks: picking up toys, watering plants, setting parts of the table for lunchtime etc…


Here are some things you can do with me, mommy!

  • Remember not to let me enjoy too much screen time, if I get hooked on watching too much TV or using the iPad for long hours, that changes my brain wiring. Engage me in more hands-on activities like drawing, reading and arts and crafts.
  • Be sure I have downtime. I need this to recharge.
  • I may still need to nap. Especially after preschool. Be sure to read my cues and see if I am cranky. I’ve been busy all day so resting would be beneficial to my developing body.
  • Be patient with me, during these years I ask a lot of questions. Be sure to answer as many as you can. Or flip the situation around and ask me what I think instead. That way you’re getting me to think about things!
  • Take time out of the day to just play with me for about 10 minutes on the floor. This builds closeness!
  • Help me label my feelings. When I am upset and I do “naughty things” like shouting you can try to help me name what I am feeling and state that I am “angry”. Please also help me in setting limits for my behavior
  • Remember that I love rioting. When things are predictable and calm, I am more able to deal with changes that may come up during the day. Routines help me feel more secure.


Act early:

Talk to my doctor if by 5 I:

  • Am extremely fearful, timid or aggressive.
  • Avoid children and adults and do not engage in play with children.
  • Still have trouble eating, sleeping and using the toilet on my own (including washing and drying hands).
  • Do not know first and last names.
  • Can’t differentiate between “real” and “imaginary” worlds.
  • Cannot concentrate on a single activity for more than 5 minutes.
  • Cannot understand two-part requests (“Please put your plate in the sink”).


Source: 360Moms

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